Defend the Rocket – Prepping for release

This week, amongst other things, I’ve been setting up things ready for release, mainly sorting out the Google Play and iTunes Store pages for Defend the Rocket and putting together the screenshots for them. The checklist for things needed before release is getting shorter and shorter, on Milos’ end only three backgrounds need to be adjusted to fit the new cross platform sizes and on my end only a few audio pieces need to be done before we’re good to go.


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Defend the Rocket – Coming to more platforms!

When I originally planned out Defend The Rocket the timeframe for the game and the scope was much smaller and so I was originally planning on only releasing the game on iPad and possibly as a standalone version. Since then however the scope of the game has increased and a lot of time has been put into the games creation. Because of this it seems silly to only release the game on one device and limit the game to such a small market.

So, thanks to Unity 5s new UI capabilities, I have been spending time modifying the game (mainly the UI) to work on iOS and Android devices of a range of sizes making the game compatible with both mobile phones and tablets, below you can see the game running on my iPad Mini as well as my old (and cracked) iPhone 4



Also Defend the Rocket is still looking for Beta Testers on a range of devices (iOS and Android) if you are interested head over to the Defend The Rocket website

Finally myself and Milos have decided on a preliminary date for release date for Defend The Rocket of the 6th April *Fingers Crossed* So March is going to be a Marketing Month!

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Defend the Rocket – It’s been a while

Looking back at my post history I just realised it’s been almost two months since I last posted about the status of Defend the Rocket and myself and Milos have managed to get a good amount of work done since then.

Firstly we are approaching version 0.2.0 of the game, signifying that two levels are complete and ready to ship, along with this milestone we’re planning on doing an initial PC/Mac/Linux release via to get feedback on the game. The game on will be available for free until it is at version 1.0.0 (out of beta) after which it may remain free or it may get a small price tag.

Also at the 0.2.0 milestone we are going to start sending out TestFlight beta’s to people with iPads to test out the game on iPad devices and see how people are getting on with the difficulty etc and crush some of those bugs. If you are interested in signing up for the TestFlight beta head on over to and follow the links to the beta sign-up.

One of the main features I’ve been working on over the last few weeks is the games difficulty by adjusting spawning formula’s that depend on a coefficient deciding the difficulty of the planet, the formula I decided upon was:

s = u * c * 10(R / (w + 10)) | where
s = spawn delay
u = user selected difficulty (easy = 1, hard = 0.5)
c = coefficient for the planets difficulty
R = random between 2 and 4 (inc.)
w = current wave

This created a nice curve that reduced the spawn rate of enemies as the levels progressed to make the waves progressively harder and allowed me to easily set a difficulty for each planet using the difficulty coefficient. As well as this I’ve been working on some other features to help balance the game such as reducing the cost & wages of the crew, upgrading your forcefield now heals it fully, and some other little tweaks here and there.

On to the art work! The second level that we’ve been completing is Dune, the fourth level in the actual game. Dune is considered a medium difficulty level which will allow me to test out the new difficulty system properly. Currently there are three enemies created for this level of five:

cat attack 1-01

This is the first enemy in the level, a melee unit carrying what could best be likened to a cattle prod, producing a bolt of electricity that will do significant damage to your forcefield. If one of these get’s to your shield I hope you have some engineers in tow.

gunman run 2-01

The second enemy in the Dune level is a gunman, wielding a powerful weapon this enemy will setup position before staring to take pot-shots at your ship and shield.

granadier 5-01

The third enemy is a demolitions expert, equipped with a heavy duty grenade launcher this enemy means business and it hell bent on taking down your shield


Other things not worth writing about:

  • Added a new in wave UI at the top of the screen.
  • Re-wrote the crew system to make it more efficient
  • Added a game tips section replacing what was previously ad space (we decided we’re going to sell the game)
  • Added a game options screen.
  • Added some game cheats/easter eggs
  • I upgraded to unity3d Pro

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Decided that over the next few weeks (or hopefully when ever I get a chance) that I’m going to try make some really (and i mean really) game, that I can hopefully make within a day or two. The first one I’ve been making is a simple archery game designed to be played on mobile devices. To play you simply drag from the archer to determine the angle and the power, obviously the artwork isn’t quite there, it’s something that I’m going to work on over the next few days as art is something I need to work on

Screenshot 2015-01-21 22.32.40

Screenshot 2015-01-21 22.32.54

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Defend the Rocket – Beta!



So myself and Milos, despite how busy we’ve been, have gotten Defend the Rocket to the point where we’re happy to show it off a bit and get some feedback on how it play, find some bugs and generally improve the game!

At the current state of the beta, the entirety of the first planet is complete (until you find some bugs that is) and so we’re limiting the beta to just the first level (the others literally aren’t in any state to be played) which you can play to as many waves as you can survive with full access to all upgrades and weapons.2014-12-09 17.47.32

If you do take the time to download and play the beta we would appreciate it if you could leave some feedback about your experience playing the game, on the beta download page there is a short google form that will allow me to gather some data on how people found the game.

2014-12-09 17.47.18


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Two complete enemies

Over the past few days me and Milos (the artist) have been working on getting the first level of Defend the Rocket finished and relatively polished ready for a public beta/press demo.

With that I am happy to show off the first two enemies who have been added to the game, the first meele enemy and the first gunman enemy.

alien 3

This little villager isn’t very happy that you’ve landed your spaceship next to his quiet fishing village and he’ want to see you gone even if he has to pick up his pitchfork and see you off himself.

alien shooter 3-01

News of your spaceship has traveled and now the Astarian military are getting involved, though they lack weapon technology they too are determined to get through your forcefield and see you off. These guys can attack your forcefield from pretty much anywhere on the battlefield.


And finally a screenshot of them in-game:
IMG_0294*Ignore the little guy with TNT, he was just a test.

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Defend the Rocket – Beta coming soon

It’s been just over two months since I announced my game development project ‘Defend the Rocket’ since then a lot has changed with the game, most noticeably I have joined forces with an artist, Milos, he has had the pleasure of removing the game of all my terrible placeholder art and replacing it with his own wonderful work.


As well as the wonderful UI art the actual gameplay has been coming along leaps and bounds, almost to the point where I have actually finished all the programming and will be moving on to marketing and audio. My current hope is to be releasing the game before the end of October, depending on how my other commitments (Uni & Bartending) work out in terms of time I see this as a realistic goal.


One thing that we are going to be doing to help us with the final push towards release is creating a public beta that allows you to play the first planet of the game for however long you like and for us to gauge some critical feedback. Hopefully this beta will be ready by the end of September/start of October.


That’s all for now, see you guys soon!

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